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MARIMPRESS impressed current cathodic protection system (ICCP) is used to protect ships' hulls, floating dry-docks, oil-rigs and other submerged steel structures from corrosion.The system operates by continually measuring the potential of the submerged steel surface using hull-mounted Zinc reference electrodes.

If this potential starts to rise above the preset value (+220mV for steel hulls -at higher potentials corrosion will occur), the rectifier supplies the correct amount of DC current to hull-mounted activated Titanium anodes needed to maintain the preset value. In this way, not only the hull, but when earthed also the rudder, propeller, shaft and stabiliser fins are completely protected from corrosion.This system uses Titanium MMO coated anodes as opposed to sacrificial Zinc or Aluminium anodes, which last longer and cost less to replace.

It also adjusts automatically to cope with changes in temperature and salinity of seawater, ships velocity or condition of the paintwork, all of which affect the rate of corrosion.