AutoCrew Automated POB & Muster System

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AutoCrew Automated POB & Muster System

Powered by Marine Rescue Technologies

The AutoCrew Management System (ACMS) is a complete Automated Management System for POB and Muster. Originally designed as an IT based safety system to replace T-Cards, AutoCrew is most appreciated as an efficiency system as it saves many hours of productivity time and cost. During emergency drills, AutoCrew provides instant results showing where employees are, who is accounted for and who is missing.

AutoCrew is web-based, holistic in approach, and requires no proprietary hardware.

With convenience in mind, MRT created a specification that offers end users a clear alternative and superior solution to existing POB and muster systems.

AutoCrew offers dependable and convenient solutions to:

·         POB Management

·         Automated Muster

·         Travel Logistics

·         Area Control/Gangway Management

·         Access Control

·         Certificate Tracking

·         Automatic Reporting

·         Bunk Management


ACMS is uniquely web-based. Reports can be checked from a smart phone or tablet by approved officers, allowing for flexibility of movement during an emergency drill. The web-based system means real time information is directly available to the management and emergency teams across all platforms. Remote support and updates are possible, reducing cost and saving time.

Shipyard Benefit

AutoCrew is easily installed and this can be prepared and accomplished by the shipyard. MRT provides guidance for your company to pre-install necessary IT network and devices to lower the investment of the end user and increase your service offering. MRT provides a complete installation guide and support.

MRT smallest operation manages and tracks 100 personnel. Our largest nuclear plant accounts for 4000 personnel. All applications are infinitely scalable; from the in-house management of a single site to the monitoring of a fleet of vessels from a head office at enterprise level.

AutoCrew can meet your requirement.

See more on: www.mrt-autocrew.com